CGO Aug. Tourney - Aug. 24th!
By: Ink - July 25th 2013
Welcome all AVA players, and spectators! CGO is proud to announce their fourteenth demolition tournament! Utilizing UAC, and an AP sponsorship with Aeria, we're proud to offer another quality event for the competitive AVA community! Sign up now for your chance at a 70k AP prize pool! All information can be found below, including how to register, and the event rules!

You can check out the tournament topic here:
CGO #14 Tourney Topic

You can register in this forum:
CGO #14 Registration Forum
*As always, brackets and rosters will be posted in all information topics at the designated times.

CGO #14 Prizes

1st: 2500 AP Each
2nd: 1500 AP Each
3rd: 1000 AP Each
4th: 800 AP Each
5th: 500 AP Each
6th: 250 AP Each
7th: 250 AP Each
8th: 250 AP Each

Major Changes

- UAC Is Now Required
- New Prize Pool Format
- XM8 Is Banned
- You May Register Via the CGO #14 Regis. Forum
- Brackets Will Be Posted on the Site
- Rosters Will Be Posted on the Site

Date Outline

July 29th: Registration Opens
August 23rd: Registration Closes
August 23rd: Brackets Released
August 24th: Tourney Day 1 2:00 PM EDT
August 25th: Tourney Day 2 2:00 PM EDT

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CGO #15 Results - Oct. 27th
1. FairyTale
2. Celsia
3. Sinister
4. SnapNCrackle
5. UCGaming
6. HauseN
7. Excessive
8. Lucky
9. N/A
10. N/A
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